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Our clientèle speaks for itself,having worked with highly esteemed organizations


We seek to provide superior customer service for our clients.That is our philosophy


Reliability,Integrity and Service all mean nothing without an exceptional product to deliver

Who We Are

Masvingo Quarries is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company registered under the Companies Act Chapter 24.03 as Masvingo Brick and Tile. Masvingo Quarries is located 7 km from the City Center along the Mashava-Bulawayo Road in the  Clovelly suburb. The company is in the business of manufacturing quarry as well as concrete products such as bricks,blocks,pavers and pipes etc.

Masvingo Quarries has been the leading supplier of quality quarry stones and bricks  since 1947.We have supplied our products to low and high density suburbs,schools,colleges and universities,council roads as well as high ways in Zimbabwe and we have gained experience over the years as we have stood the test of time.

We strive to continue providing products and services to the Masvingo community and its hinterland in leaps and bounds.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a significant building material supplier in Zimbabwe and safely supply our customers with innovative, quality, cost effective building solutions timely.


Our objective is to be the first choice building material provider by providing Superior Service Strategies,Good Customer Relationship,Quality Assurance and Control as well as Professionalism


At our core we value Reliability,Efficiency,Professionalism,Integrity and Safety and we operate with these values in mind